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Images Dated 24th February 2006

Peanut-head Bug / Lantern Fly
Russell Falls - drops more than 40m into a cool gorge
Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle
LA-5388 Morocco - traditional window
ROG-12106 Wolf Spider - female guarding her newly-emerged young spiderlings
ROG-12107 Golden orb-weaver spider
WAT-12057 Tree - showing buttress roots
ROG-12108 Sensitive plant, in flower
ME-1145 ACORNS - on Oak tree
MAB-143 Shitani lava flow with Chyulu Hills behind
MAB-147 Volcanic cones in Chyulu hills
MAB-121 Volcanic - Chaimu lava flow with volcanic cones in background Tsavo National Park
CH-3874 Wild Fig Fruit
AU-00052-DHG Tasmanian tree fern / Soft tree fern / Man fern
AU-00609-DHG Tasmanian tree fern / Soft tree fern / Man fern
Scented Mayweed / CAMOMILE - Flowering en masse
Ladybird Larvae - feeding on aphids
Giant Water Bug - Hemiptera. Males carry eggs on back
Rhinoceros Iguana - endangered
LANTERN FLY - Peanut head bug
Stream - Barron Creek with Native laurel
Red SQUIRREL - with nut in mouth
UK - popular location for birdwatching, this coastal region has much bird activity
Grey-Headed Woodpecker - eating apple on lawn
Grey-Headed Woodpecker - Male perched on tree stem
Grey-Headed Woodpecker - Male stretching wing
Royal Terns and Neotropical Cormorant, perched on log in river estuary
Adult Female Black Wheatear - On rock
Chamomile / Scented Mayweed Flower
Lappet-Faced Vultures - Dominance display on top of tree
African White-Backed Vulture - Landing on tree top, wings outstretched
African White-Backed Vulture
African White-Backed Vulture - Having a bath after feeding
African White-Backed Vultures - Having a drink and bath after feeding
Bald Eagle - Kenai Peninsula
Short-billed Black-Cockatoo / Carnabys Black-Cockatoo
Milk SHEEP - view of flock across river with trees

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