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Images Dated 30th March 2006

Dog - Boston Terrier looking up at owner
Club-tailed Dragonfly
Dog - Boston Terrier - identification tattoo
Dog - Boston Terrier jumping up to take biscuit from owner
KA-577 Sponge
KA-577 Sponge
COS-1273 Subalpine Meadow in early morning mist
COS-1277 Subalpine Meadows in Bloom
COS-1280 Magenta Paintbrush, amongst Broadleaf Lupin (Lupinus latifolius)
COS-1275 Subalpine Meadows in bloom Paradise Mount Rainier NP
COS-1283 Broadleaf Lupin & Yellow Flowers
COS-1284 Broadleaf Lupin and Sitka Valerian (Valeriana sichensis)
COS-1279 Bracted Lousewort in Subalpine Meadow
COS-1287 Lewis Monkeyflower and Mountain Monkeyflower (Mimulus tilingii)
COS-1274 Subalpine Meadows in bloom
PM-4279 Toad - crossing sign
COS-1285 Magenta Paintbrush with Broadleaf Lupin (Lupinus latifolius)
COS-1282 Broadleaf Lupin & Yellow Flowers
Laysan Teal Duck - female
Sunflower with insect
Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Broadleaf Lupin in Subalpine Meadow. Early morning mist Paradise
Subalpine Meadows in bloom
Flying FOXES / Fruit bats
Shag - on Cliff
Mule / Blacktail DEER - buck in velvet, browsing tree canopy
MALEO / Grays Brush Turkey
Cape Vulture - Preening its feathers
Black-headed Gouldian Finch - at nest entrance in Salmon Gum Tree
MALLEEFOWL / LOWAN - side view
Maleo / Maleo Megapode / Grays Brush-turkey

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