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Images Dated 30th October 2006

Red Squirrel - sign warning traffic of animals crossing road
30 Oct 2006
30 Oct 2006
Chinstrap Penguins. Half Moon Island - Antarctic Peninsula
WAT-7556 CANNONBALL Tree Flower
Bee - on flower
WAT-13956 Iceberg - double arch
Ppg-140 Yew Berries - C / u
PPG-1073 Lebanon Cedar - Cones shedding pollen
KF-11747 MACADAMIA nuts
KF-11745 Fruit of Pandanus tree / Screw PINE - Ripening fruit is red
KF-11744 GUAVA Tree
KF-11748 LOQUAT tree
KF-11746 Pandanus tree / Screw PINE
KF-11743 MACADAMIA nut flowers
Jlm-5932 Bristlecone Pine
JLM-6177 Douglas Fir - cones
JLM-10865 Japanese Umbrella Pine
DWG-793 Bay-tree - with unripe berries
CK-4295 Half Moon Island - A small bay with sea ice and a fresh fall of snow on island with Antarctic Terns flying over
CAN-1589 Swamp / Bald CYPRESS
WAT-13566 Lemaire channel - Antarctic Peninsula
WAT-13565 Lemaire channel - Antarctic Peninsula
WAT-13564 Lemaire channel - Antarctic Peninsula
CK-4260 Lemair channel Antarctic peninsula
CK-4255 Lemaire channel Antarctic peninsula scenics
CK-4254 Lemaire channel Antarctic peninsula scenics
Gentoo Penguins
Chinstrap Penguin - preening
Chinstrap Penguin - mating
Rainbow - over pasture land, Simonside
Antarctic Minke Whale - Breaching with two others just dived
Chinstrap Penquins - On Half Moon Island just arrived on breeding grounds with a Snowy Sheathbill (Chionis alba)
Chinstrap Penquin - On Half Moon Island breeding grounds with fresh snow fall
Chinstrap Penquin - Walking in fresh snow on Half Moon Island
JLR-336 Swallows Cave - Kingdom of Tonga
Snowy Sheathbill - resting on edge of boat - Antarctic
Coal Tit - Perched on pine cone covered conifer branch
Common Magpie - Perched in hawthorn
Snowy Sheathbill - amongst penguin colony
Beech Tree - stem and branches in autumn

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