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Images Dated 26th July 2007

LA-6413 Dog - Small Italian Greyhound - in studio
Red Legged Partridge
Portrait of a young Red Fox in summer meadow
Young Red Fox - standing in meadow of flowers
Common / Field Poppy - nodding bud, with dew drops
LA-6412 Dog - Small Italian Greyhound - in studio
USH-1119 Moderlieschen / Belica / Pond Dweller / Motherless Minnow
ROG-9884 Yellow-Horned Poppy
PM-5054 Reticulated Python - close-up showing heat-sensitive pits / membrane
COS-2240 Spring Flowers after winter rains
Cornflower - a rare cornfield weed in the UK
SPH-3145 Honeybee - collecting pollen
Mallard - duckling
Reindeer with King Penguins
Pack Ice
Pack Ice
Crabeater Seal - on iceberg
Antarctic Fur Seal - Pair playfighting
MISTLE THRUSH - on spade handle
White Stork - Coming in to land
Thekla Lark - singing
Black Bellied Sandgrouse
Little Owl
Little Owl
Lesser Kestrel - pair playfighting in mid air
Lesser Kestrel - male in flight
Lammergeier - fighting in mid air
Lammergeier - in flight above limestone canyon
House Martin - approaching nest under eaves
Griffon Vultures - wings open and goose stepping
Griffon Vulture - walking towards carcass
Griffon Vulture - blood covered head
Griffon Vulture - close up
Griffon Vulture - approaching carcass
Griffon Vultures - coming in to land at carcass
Griffon Vulture - in flight
Griffon Vultures - fighting at carcass
Griffon Vultures - wings spread to asert dominance
Hoopoe - calling
Stellers Eider - tightly packed winter flock
Stellers Eider - Drake
Stellers Eider - drake in flight
Little Bustard - male jumping display
Hoopoe - bringing food to the nest
Great Bustard - male
Antarctic Skua - in flight
Antarctic Skua - head

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