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Images Dated 17th October 2007

White-tailed Deer - Young buck - In late summer
Osprey - Catching Fish
Morocco - Bunches of ripe dates at a date palm
Morocco - Harvested dates are graded according
Camargue fisherman going out at dawn to see to his nets
ASW-3607 Jumping Spiders - males sparring
USH-1179 Candle-snuff / Stags horn Fungi - growing on tree stump
GET-617 Southern Rock AGAMA LIZARD- Camouflage
AEB-2716 Lake Malawi Fish / Cichlid - sexual rivalry between males, mouth fighting
Autumn Sunset - over North Sea
COS-2431 Small Ranunculus - Red Data Book Species
Tulip Fancy Frills
Kestral - Female at Rest
Tulip Fields
Tulip Fields
Keukenhof Gardens in Spring
Brimstone Butterfly - Mating dance
Cattle Egret and Magpie (Pica pica) on Camargue horse
Starling - Flock on telephone wires, autumn
Great Tit - Perched on Stem
Great Tit - on Snowy Branch
Patas Monkey - Searching for food in grassland
Brent Geese - flying across Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve at dawn
Bar-tailed godwit - A large flock of mainly bar-tailed godwits (with some Knot) silhouetted against the moon
Oystercatcher - Young Bird in Flight over Sea
Whooper Swans - Coming in to land
Turnstone - In Flight Along Shore at High Tide
Red Throated Diver - Two Chicks - Shows one more mature than the other
Brent Geese - Flying over Grazing Marshes
Weasel - Raiding Sand Martin Nests
Common Seal
Common Seal
Weddell / Weddel Seal
Yellow Mongoose
Great Tit - on nut feeder
Red Junglefowl - Male
Chequered Swallowtail Butterfly - mating
Osprey - Catching Fish
Osprey - Diving for Fish
Osprey - Catching Fish (Slow Pan)
Red Throated Diver - Large Chick Stretching Wings
Red Throated Diver - Large Chick
Osprey - Female Coming in to Nest
Red-Throated Diver - Large Chick Practicing Take Off
Stellers Eider - In flight
Osprey - Female on Nest with Chicks
Osprey - Bringing Fish to Nest
Osprey - Coming in to Perch

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