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Images Dated 25th June 2008

Minke Whale Researcher Alastair Birtles (James
Tasmanian Devil - perched on rock enjoying sun
Dwarf Minke Whale - surfing inside wave
A mock orange
A mock orange
Masterwort with visiting Bumblebee
Flame flower at Hidcote Manor garden
Masterwort at Hidcote Manor garden
Violet Helleborine
Wildflower Meadow - cultivated with Cornflower, Corn Marigold and Camomile
Golden Orb-weaver - big and colourful spider on its web waiting for prey
Crocodile trap - a big crocodile trap is set to catch a stray saltwater / esturaine crocodile in a river which had
PM-4872 RUNNER BEANS - showing leaf and flower parts
Jim Jim Falls - water of famous Jim Jim Falls plunges down into a deep pool surrounded by spectacular 150 m high cliffs
Weavers fritillary - Underside, resting on flower head
Heath fritillary - Upperside
Silver-washed fritillary - Upperside, male
Swallowtail - Resting on vipers bugloss
Pine hawk - Resting on tree trunk
Silver-washed fritillary - Underside, resting on vipers bugloss
Pearly heath - Underside, resting on grass seed head
Lesser purple emperor - Underside, resting on leaf
Knapweed fritillary - Upperside resting on seed head
Map butterfly - Upperside
Heath fritillary - Underside, resting on plant
Lesser purple emperor - Upperside, resting on leaves
Auspicious burnet - Close up on flower head
Swallowtail - On vipers bugloss
Alcon blue - Underside, resting on plant
Weavers fritillary - Underside, on flower head
Long-nosed Bandicoot
Northern Brown Bandicoot
WATER RAT - on creek bank
Green Ring-tailed Possum
Largest Australian Fruit Bat / Black Flying Fox
Capercaillie - displaying to females
Mistle Thrush - at nest

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