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Images Dated 19th March 2008

CAT - Kitten in daffodils
Old fishing boats rotting on beach, Isle of Mull, Scotland, UK
American Wapiti / Elk - Bugling at sunset
AUS-1846 Nudibranch (sea slug) (Chromodoris coil) Unlike most snails, nudibranchs have no shell & their delicate gills
Hawaii - Akaka Falls, Big Island
Namibia - Sand dune in the early morning in the Namib Desert
Common Crane - in flight over lake at sunrise
Spain - Sevillas most beautiful building, the Moorish Giralda, was built from 1184-96
Palm trees on Maracas beach
MOUNTAIN GORILLA - With baby on back
Frozen waterfall - icicles and frosty plants
BUTTERFLY WING - close-up of wing
Corn / Field / Red POPPY - with Cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus) in field. Arable weeds
Mountain brook - with moss-covered rocks flowing through primeval forest in autumn
Field poppy - growing amidst field of barley
Sea Urchin - shells in a pile
Australia - The Pinnacles, Limestone
Emperor Penguin - colony in twilight
The Wave, naturally carved in beautiful red and yellow striated soft Navajo sandstone
Burchells / Common / Plains Zebra - Close up of zebra coat
False Tree Coral, San Cipriano, Choco, Colombia
Common Potoo / Grey Potoo / Lesser Potoo, Cali, Colombia
CAMEL Train - x five in line, at sunset
European Greater FLAMINGO - at sunset
Lightning Striking a Tree
Strangler FIG - view looking up into tree showing aerial roots
Carpets of Devils Thorn and sand dune during the
Devils Thorn and Camelthorn Tree (Acacia erioloba)
Motorcyclist carrying Cambodia Pigs on a motorbike
Church Yard - with Daffodils spring day
Dry pan and sand dunes in the centre of the Namib Desert in the Sossusvlei area
AUS-1850 Nudibranch (Sea slug) egg ribbon. Like the animal that laid them
AUS-1845 Nudibranch
AUS-1847 Nudibranch
AUS-1848 Nudibranch
AUS-1849 Nudibranch
SM-2212 Red-eyed / Gaudy Leaf Treefrog
SM-2209 Strawberry Poison Arrow / Blue Jeans Dart Frog
SM-2211 Red-eyed / Gaudy Leaf Treefrog
SM-2210 Red-eyed / Gaudy Leaf Treefrog
Rainforest - lush temperate rainforest with ferns and many ephiphytic plants
Angkor Beng Meala root covered wall
ASW-4757 View of main waterfall at Augrabies Falls National Park
Klipspringer male standing sentinel and advertising presence
Waiau Falls - water cascading down Waiau Falls which are located amidst lush temperate rainforest along the 309 road
Coromandel Coastline - bay of Port Jackson surrounded by green rolling hills and patches of native forest
Northern or Variable Oystercatcher - standing on beach flapping and flexing its wings, standing on one leg
Northern or Variable Oystercatcher - strolling on beach crying out

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