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Images Dated 16th January 2009

Agile Gibbon - Hanging from branches
Polar Bear - with cubs
Polar Bear - parent with cub
JPF-13922 Yellow Water billabong with waterlilies (two colour forms of same species)
JPF-13961 Salmon Gum - Katherine area
JPF-13998 Horse - Pure-bred Arab foal
JPF-13960 Temperate Rainforest - Including Mountain ash & Tree fern
JPF-13923 Yellow Water billabong with Bamboo, Paperbarks & Pandanus Kakadu National Park (World Heritage Area)
JPF-13920 Sandstone formation with Green Pussytail - after unusual rains in February and April
Stone Curlew ssp.insularum - in typical habitat
JPF-13971 Aerial - Sydney to Hobart yacht race sailing out of Sydney Harbour
JPF-13991 Aerial: vineyards Hunter Valley
JPF-13970 La Madeleine Falls (botanic reserve) with pine in foreground
JPF-13990 Margaret River flowing into Lake Eyre South
JPF-13974 Aerial - Landscape damaged by nickel mining
JPF-13992 Aerial - Sand cliffs - Cooloolah Section
JPF-13959 Fishing boat on mangrove-lined inlet, Kennedy Inlet
JPF-13969 Rural scene upper Hunter Valley
JPF-13963 Aerial - Bauxite mining used in aluminium manufacture
JPF-14007 Cane / Giant / Marine Toad - Pair
JPF-13965 Rural scene upper Hunter Valley
JPF-13994 Aerial - Pattern of sand dunes south of Hat Head aerial
JPF-13995 Aerial - Sand dunes near Ayers Rock / Uluru Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (World Heritage Area)
JPF-13979 Rural scene Upper Hunter Valley
JPF-13956 Aerial - North Kennedy River with mangrove-lined banks
JPF-13982 Rural scene upper Hunter Valley
JPF-13967 Rural scene Hunter Valley with cows in field
JPF-13980 Rural scene Hunter Valley
JPF-13955 Logging roads & forest clearing showing loss of biodiversity near Cumberland Lake
JPF-13962 Aerial - Curragh open cut coal mine north of Blackwater
JPF-13966 Rural scene Hunter Valley
JPF-13973 Oakover River aerial, near Great Sandy Desert, east of Isabella Range
JPF-13977 Commuters taking a ferry from a harbourside suburb to go to work in the city Sydney
JPF-13972 Aerial - Tip of Cape York with Cape York Island beyond and Eborac Island on right
JPF-13933 Southern Corroboree Frog
JPF-13919 Aerial - Opal mining from the air
JPF-13929 Fitzroy River cutting through ancient limestone coral reef formed during Devonian Period (350 m ybp)
JPF-13928 Northern Bungle Bungle Range near Froghole Gorge dissected sandstone
JPF-13921 Aerial - Ord River Irrigation Scheme near Kununurra
JPF-13927 Froghole Gorge with undescribed palms & boulders of Devonian conglomerate
Roe Deer - buck in grass wilderness, showing growth of new horns
European Red Fox - running across snow covered field
ROG-8451 Map Butterfly - seasonally dimorphic, spring generation
JPF-13993 Aerial - Four-wheel driving beneath sand cliffs Cooloolah Section
JPF-13985 Coal-fired Eraring Power Station aerial shot. It provides about a quarter of the States power needs

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