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Images Dated 5th January 2009

JPF-13093 Pitcher Plant
Tourists walking with wildlife ranger
Tourists with wildlife ranger watching zebra
Cow feeding on water hyacinth
Sheep feeding on water hyacinth
KEL-1588 Blueberry - close up
AU-20-ROW Grafting Tools - Lord Lambourne variety scion and root-stock
Mistle Thrush - perched on branch of Guelder Rose bush, winter
jay - in flight over hazelnut branch
jay - in flight, winter
Jay - perched in hazelnut bush, winter
USH-3699 Mistle Thrush - feeding on Guelder Rose berries in winter
Blackbird in snow
ME-1817-M-C Robin in snow
Herd of Hippopotamus - In water
Hippopotamus - In water threatening
Glaucus gull - Immature bird
Koala - young held by mother against a branch
Koala - mother and young
Hoses langur / Grey leaf monkey - Hanging from branch
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) pup showing submission to adult
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) young animals
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) mother and three-day-old pups (12 of them) inside hollow log
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) two animals with Lace monitor (Varanus varius)
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) pair catching an Eastern grey kangaroo Macropus giganteus
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) standing with mouth open
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) fighting
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) eyeing Black Swans as it walks at edge of lake
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) three fighting at waters edge
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) three-day pups huddle together in den
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) three animals, silhouetted against sunset
Dingo (Canis familiaris dingo) female with pup
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) attacking Eastern grey kangaroo
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) trying to get at a burrowing Echidna
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) trying to catch burrowing echidna by river
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) pair fighting
Dingo - chasing a flock of sheep
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) hen approaching egg
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) chick between 7 and 8 hours old, getting its first meal of a worm
Kagu (Rhynochetus jubatus) territorial display
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) Egg in nest on the ground
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) Newly hatched chick on nest
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) on nest (incubation: 34-35 days)
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) close up, showing binocular vision that allows the bird to hunt small prey on the dark
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) walking on fallen tree while displaying (threat display)
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) territorial display (on meeting another bird)
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) On Nest incubating (30-35 days)
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) parents leaving chick part-hidden while they forage
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) mating pair
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) in rainforest habitat
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) threat display
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) six-week chick
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) portrait, male with crest erect
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) running up log
Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus) with earthworm
Kagu - peeling back bark to get insect
Kagu - Scratching face

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