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Images Dated 15th June 2009

CAN-933 PINE MARTEN - in hole in tree
USA - View of the Grand Canyon from Yavapai Point
Couple on a rock spur at the South Rim high above
Flowery grassland above the Varghiz limestone gorge, Romania
Megalithic Tomb
Chimpanzee - with Rodney Lemata (Caretaker) playing
Chimpanzee - with Fred Nizeyimana (Veterinarian)
Little / Little Blue / Fairy Penguin - being measured to fin
ROG-10019 Meadow Flowers - with Dyers Greenweed & Ox-eye daises
ROG-5167 River Itchen - showing bank vegetation & anglers path
ROG-8316 Brerechan Hay Meadow - with Wood Cranesbill
Bobolink - male with food
Pied Avocet - chick feeding in creek
Sandwich Tern - flock flying over nesting colony
Wood Pigeon - on fence post
Oystercatcher - in flight, calling alarm
Shelduck - male parent bird swimming in creek with ducklings
Oystercatcher - parent birds with 2 chicks
Marsh Harrier - causing panic amongst breeding colony of Sandwich Terns (Sterna sandvicensis)
Oystercatcher - parent bird feeding chick
Oystercatcher - in flight, about to land amongst high grass
Oystercatcher - parent bird with chick in creek searching for food
Oystercatcher - portrait
Chimpanzee - adult playing with juvenile
Chimpanzee - sub-adult female (named Ikuru) used as surrogate in infant integration program
Chimpanzee - social grooming
Chimpanzee - alpha male making pant hoot
Colobus guereza Black and White Colobus Monkey - leaping in mid-air
Willow Flycatcher
Machair with abandoned plough
TOM-1738 Northern River Otter - mother nursing pups
TOM-1737 Northern River Otter - family - mother with three pups
TOM-1736 Northern River Otter - mother with two pups in water
RMB-296 Bokmakierie Shrike
KFO-822 Broadbilled Roller
KF-5816 Kerguelen / Eatons Pintail Duck - male, eclipse plumage
KF-396 GURNEYS PITTA - on branch
JZ-1658 Great tailed grackle - & coconut
HB-637 SATIN BOWERBIRD - in bower
DWN-178 Red-backed Squirrel Monkey - sits on branch
AP-1134 Blue-breasted Kingfisher

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