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Images Dated 22nd June 2009

WAT-16156 Common Moorhen
Lady collecting firewood in the Harenna forest
Bale mountains Moss Frog - three speciemens in manOA┬│ hands
Alpine Chat - Harenna forest
Manley Beacon and the eroded badlands around Zabriskie
Eastern Cottontail - laying down in a saltmarsh path
WAT-16144 Eurasian Oystercatcher - standing on one leg
WAT-16157 Common Teal
WAT-16103 Pied Avocet - in water
WAT-16119 Common Redshank
WAT-16112 Pied Avocet - chick
WAT-16104 Pied Avocet - in water taking off
WAT-16118 Common Redshank
WAT-16116 Mallard female - with ducklings
WAT-16160 Turtle Dove
WAT-16154 Common Moorhen
WAT-16117 Ruff - Female
WAT-16130 Black-winged Stilt
WAT-16137 Common Coot
WAT-16105 Pied Avocet - in water
WAT-16106 Pied Avocet - in water with chick
WAT-16143 Eurasian Oystercatcher - with eggs
WAT-16158 Common Teal
WAT-16102 Pied Avocet - feeding
WAT-16101 Pied Avocet - feeding
WAT-16100 Pied Avocet - chick
WAT-16123 Eurasian Curlew
WAT-16115 Black-tailed Godwit
ROG-10306 Meadow Saxifrage - old pasture
FG-841 Pyrenean Saxifrage - endemic
Hover fly - feeding on Erigeron flower
Bumble Bee - feeding on Erigeron flower
Marsh Wren - holding on to reeds
ROG-10973 Meadow SAXIFRAGE
Chamaeleo balebicornutus Bale Mountains Two Horned Chameleon
Altiphrynoides malcolmi Malcolms Ethiopia Toad
Balebreviceps hillmani Bale mountains Moss Frog
Coyote - pups
Coyote - pups
Harlequin Ladybird larva and pupa
Newly emerged Peacock Butterfly with pupal case
TOM-1771 Northern River Otter - mother swimming with young pups
PM-9402 Degu
PM-9402 Degu
JAB-2975-C Dark Green Fritillary - male

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