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Images Dated 24th March 2010

Guanaco - single adult standing in front of Cuernos
VVPP-10 Caspian Seal - pup - fur changing from yellow to white
Purple Blushed Darter Dragonfly
Guanaco - single adult walking through andean mountain
Parsley Frog
Parsley Frog
Parsley Frog and Stripeless Tree Frog (Hyla meridionalis) - mating
Stripeless Tree Frog - in habitat
Guinea Fowl - close-up of feather
Grey Partridge - adult female stood in Rape Field
Northern Lesser Galago - at night on acacia branch
Ruppells Vulture
Yellowhammer - adult male - perched on white blossom
Kilimatiti plains with Acacias
Yellowhammer - adult male
LB-10040 Darwins / Lesser Rhea - Group resting in nest
PS-2935 Booted Eagle - at nest with chicks
PS-2952 African Harrier-hawk - at nest with chick 
JPF-11034 Crested Duck - foraging in shallow pools
KF-2799 Darwins / Lesser Rhea - male incuabting eggs in nest 
FG-3057 Brahminy Kite - Close up of an adult
FG-7396 Caribbean flamingo  - feeding in seasonal swamp
HDD-266 Black Skimmer - flock in flight above the sand dunes of Peru  
JSD-270 Yellow Oriole - perched on a branch - front view
FG-243 Darwins / Lesser Rhea - resting
DE-2153 Yellow Oriole - perched on a branch - rear view
BLT-166 Chalk-browed Mockingbird - foraging in short grass 
Wat-7113 Curlew - Flock in Flight
VVPP-6 Caspian Seals - colony on beach of Caspian Sea
VVPP-13 Caspian Seals - group on beach
VVPP-3 Caspian Seal - 2 - 3 days old
MK-54 Four-horned Antelope / Chousingha - buck and young
KEL-611 Red / Asian ARAWANA / Aruana / Arowana - Close up of head. Threatened. Found in quiet rivers of Southeast Asia
JZ-1248 BLACK SKIMMERS - two, with beaks open, facing each other
JVG-3303 Four-horned Antelope / Chousingha
JVG-3198 Four-horned Antelope / Chousingha - male
JPF-3886 Scaly-tailed Possum
JPF-5893 Squirrel Glider - perched on branch, showing underside of tail 
CAN-2057 Flat-tailed Horned LIZARD - emerging from burrow

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