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leaves/path forest path leading beech forest colourful
path in forest - path leading through beech forest with colourful autumn foliage
abstract/autumn forest colourful foliage beech forest
Autumn forest - colourful foliage in beech forest
patterns/raindrops leaves water lily
Raindrops on leaves of a water lily
leaves/sycamore winged seeds leaves
Sycamore - winged seeds and leaves
leaves/bb 825 water droplet bryony tendrill
BB-825 Water droplet - On bryony tendrill
trees/japanese maple
Japanese Maple
leaves/cherry tree brightly yellow coloured autumn
Cherry tree - with brightly yellow coloured autumn foliage
leaves/dewdrops gathering leaf
Dewdrops - gathering on leaf
leaves/fallen highly coloured leaves sycamore heavily
Fallen highly-coloured leaves of sycamore, heavily infested with tar spot fungus
leaves/rain drops rose leaf
Rain Drops on Rose Leaf
leaves/victoria giant amazon waterlily santa cruz
Victoria / Giant / Amazon Waterlily & Santa Cruz Waterlily (Victoria cruziana) - two
abstract/autumn leaves colourful turned leaves rowan
Autumn leaves - colourful turned leaves of Rowan tree and European dewberry (Rubus
leaves/dad 571 sycamore leaf
DAD-571 Sycamore Leaf
leaves/vine leaf colouful red yellow coloured vine
vine leaf - detail of a colouful red and yellow coloured vine leaf in autumn
leaves/new leaves katsura tree
New Leaves of Katsura Tree
leaves/maple leaves autumn
Maple leaves in autumn
leaves/scarlet oak leaves autumn colour
Scarlet Oak Leaves - in autumn colour
leaves/leaf frog close camouflaged leaves
Leaf Frog - close up camouflaged in leaves
leaves/norway maple autumn coloured leaves ground park
Norway Maple - autumn coloured leaves on ground in park
leaves/wild cherry gean autumn colour
Wild cherry, or gean; autumn colour
leaves/leaves norway maple autumn strongly coloured
Leaves of Norway Maple - in autumn, strongly-coloured
leaves/feu 555 skimmia buds leaves frosted
FEU-555 Skimmia Buds and Leaves Frosted
leaves/norway maple scarlet oak quercus coccinea
Norway Maple - and Scarlet Oak (Quercus coccinea)
leaves/tulip tree leaves showing autumn colour
Tulip Tree - leaves showing autumn colour
leaves/maidenhair tree ginkgo close up leaves
MAIDENHAIR TREE / GINKGO - Close-up of leaves
leaves/fern structure structure details blechnum ferns
Fern structure - structure details of a Blechnum fern's leaf
leaves/me 1805 common beech leaf covered frost
ME-1805 Common Beech - leaf covered in frost
leaves/clover autumn leafs
Clover in autumn leaf's
leaves/mab 105 leaves showing range autumn colours cotswolds
MAB-105 Leaves showing range of autumn colours, Cotswolds, UK
leaves/frost sycamore leaves
Frost on Sycamore leaves
leaves/rose leaf covered rain drops
Rose Leaf - covered in rain drops
leaves/oak leaves changing colour
Oak - leaves changing colour
leaves/wild cherry s leaves autumn
Wild Cherry 's leaves in autumn
leaves/frosted sycamore leaves
Frosted sycamore leaves
leaves/virginia creeper leaves mass
Virginia Creeper Leaves - Mass
leaves/rimed berries holly frosted
Rimed berries of the holly - Frosted
leaves/frost maple leaf
Frost on Maple Leaf
leaves/rimed oak leaf frost
Rimed Oak Leaf - with frost
leaves/boston ivy leaves autumn
Boston Ivy LEAVES - in autumn
leaves/frozen grass leaves colourful autumn leaves
Frozen grass and leaves - colourful autumn leaves of blackberry and grass covered
leaves/blackberry leaf autumn colour amidst frost covered
Blackberry leaf - in autumn colour amidst frost-covered grass
leaves/eurasian dwarf cornel berries colourful autumn
Eurasian Dwarf Cornel - with berries and colourful autumn foliage
leaves/frosty leaves colourful turned blackberry leaves
frosty leaves - colourful turned blackberry leaves in autumn
leaves/black poplar fallen leaves riverside gravel
Black poplar: fallen leaves on riverside gravel
leaves/waterfall sycamore woodland autumn
Waterfall in sycamore woodland. Autumn
leaves/field maple leaves autumn
Field maple leaves in autumn
leaves/fallen wild cherry leaves autumn
Fallen wild cherry leaves, autumn
leaves/virginia creeper covering old wall showing autumn
Virginia creeper, covering old wall; showing autumn colour
leaves/norway maple leaves autumn colour
Norway Maple leaves in autumn colour
leaves/water clover aquatic fern 4 lobed leaves
Water clover - An aquatic fern with 4-lobed leaves
leaves/wood sorrel new shoot old beech leaves
Wood Sorrel - new shoot among old Beech leaves
leaves/lily leaves emerging leaves rain drops
Lily Leaves - Emerging leaves with rain drops
leaves/aloe plant september
Aloe Plant - September
trees/fremonts cottonwood tree autumn colour
Fremont's Cottonwood Tree - in Autumn colour
trees/maple leaves back lit edged frost
Maple leaves - back-lit and edged with frost
abstract/beech trees young emergent leaves
Beech Trees - young emergent leaves
leaves/winter beauty rimmed frost common dogwood
"Winter Beauty" - Rimmed frost on Common Dogwood leaves - December
abstract/cottonwood tree leaves autumn
Cottonwood Tree Leaves - Autumn
leaves/pedunculate common english oak rimed leaves
Pedunculate / Common / English OAK - Rimed leaves of oak and fern in frost
abstract/stags horn sumac leaves showing autumn colour
Stag's-horn SUMAC - leaves showing autumn colour
arty/frosty leaves autumn coloured maple leaf covered
Frosty leaves - autumn coloured maple leaf covered with frost
trees/yellow coloured maple leaves stranded rock located
Yellow coloured maple leaves stranded on a rock located in a creek
patterns/autumn leaves dewdrops
Autumn Leaves - with dewdrops
leaves/norway maple autumn coloured leaves ground park
Norway Maple - autumn coloured leaves on ground in park
leaves/holly rimed berries frost
Holly' Rimed berries - In frost
leaves/aspen stunning red autumn foliage
Aspen, with stunning red autumn foliage
leaves/waterfall sycamore woodland autumn
Waterfall in sycamore woodland. Autumn
leaves/aloe plant september
Aloe Plant - September
abstract/autumn forest colourful foliage beech forest
Autumn forest - colourful foliage in beech forest
leaves/frost holly leaves
Frost on Holly leaves
leaves/autumn leaves dewdrops
Autumn Leaves - with dewdrops